If You Can Write… You Can Draw!


“Wordtoons is a revolutionary learning tool,
I highly recommend it”


Dr Rich Allen PhD
Educational Psychologist

Author of Green Light Classrooms,
Teaching Techniques that Accelerate Learning





Wordtoons Testimonials


“I have a child who is dyslexic. She struggles with words and your ebook has motivated her and [highlight_yellow]helped her recognize a “d” from a “b”.[/highlight_yellow]
She also feels like a superstar because she can draw “better than my brothers”!”



“My oldest has had some difficulties due to brain damage caused by vaccinations.. I gave him this cool e-book and it has [highlight_yellow]set alight a fire under him. He is drawing like crazy, filling up pages and pages and having so much fun.”[/highlight_yellow]



“My child with Autism is finally making Connections that we have been working for months on.
[highlight_yellow]His vocabulary has exploded!”[/highlight_yellow]