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If You Write....
You Can Draw!

  • Wordtoons are a series of innovative
  • Step-by-step drawing lessons.
  • They are fun, incredibly Rewarding
  • and inspire creativity in children and adults!

Premium Learning Pack

  • The premium learning pack features
  • A range of useful tools to enable creative learning.
  • But don't take our word for it
  • Check out the video for a full demo

Wordtoons - An innovative way to learn by cartoonist and educational specialist Wayne Logue

“Wordtoons is a revolutionary learning tool,
I highly recommend it”


Dr Rich Allen PhD
Educational Psychologist

Author of Green Light Classrooms,
Teaching Techniques that Accelerate Learning


Wordtoons Testimonials

“I have a child who is dyslexic. She struggles with words and your ebook has motivated her and helped her recognize a “d” from a “b”.
She also feels like a superstar because she can draw “better than my brothers”!”

“My oldest has had some difficulties due to brain damage caused by vaccinations.. I gave him this cool e-book and it has set alight a fire under him. He is drawing like crazy, filling up pages and pages and having so much fun.”

“My child with Autism is finally making Connections that we have been working for months on.
His vocabulary has exploded!”


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