The Wordtoons Story

Wordtoons are the creative invention of Wayne Logue. Wayne has been a professional freelance cartoonist for the past 20 years, creating cartoons, illustrations and animations for books, posters and web sites.

The past 15 years Wayne has worked with Dr Rich Allen an Educational psychologist who travels the world promoting advanced learning concepts to teachers and trainers.

Wordtoons is a concept  that was created as a cartoonist working for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Fun Club pages some years ago.

When ever I went to pick  my two sons up  from school, I would arrive early and sit in the car to work on some cartoon ideas. One day I wondered if I could turn the word dog into a cartoon of a dog….it  worked and so became the first Wordtoon.

I showed the boys when they came to the car and they thought it was cool so then it became my ‘car waiting hobby’ to invent new Wordtoons. I was motivated to show the boys a cool new Wordtoon when they finished school. Some times it took many trips and pages and pages of scribbling to make a Wordtoon work. Frog was one that really challenged me. It took many versions ( hours of scribbling ) that were almost there but didn’t quite look right until I finally arrived at the current version!