Dynamic Organic Learning Tool?

While looking into the idea of getting a Playstation ‘Move’ kit ,which makes the PS3 work like a Wii, because I had amazing fun with my niece and nephew at Christmas with games like Wii basketball, sword fighting, tennis, golf and more. I came across the game of  ‘Beat Sketch’ which may end up as a additional and novel way to present Wordtoons online but it prompted the idea that such a cool and playful technology could be used as a dynamic organic study and learning tool! Check out the brief video…


Using the PS3 Move and Beat Sketch game you view yourself on TV and draw in the air which which creates the image on screen to music and sound effects. Choosing colours, brushes and shapes, lines and fills you have complete freedom to move and create while watching yourself on TV.

Can you see how this would be a superb study tool?

Instant access to colour varied brushes , shapes and music and more importantly MOVEMENT. Given the choice,

what option do you think kids would prefer: move around to music with colour or sit at the table ?

There is ample research that proves the learning connections made in the brain while engaged in hand writing  as shown  in the brain scan image taken during a study at Indiana University. The small coloured blobs show the areas of the brain lighting up to show  learning has taken place.

Add more movement to the act of hand witting and  you may see how Beat Sketch would create a brilliant and lively learning experience.  Drawing mind maps, icons and doodles about a subject you engage in full body and arm moments and would create strong muscle memory associations. The act of standing and moving would really get the blood flowing and dendrites sparking with vibrant connections.

Not only do you process the new information more fully with body and brain, you can record the action for easy and entertaining review.

If you are having trouble motivating a child with school work then maybe with some guided focus using Beat Sketch you will have a hard time getting them to stop. Using Wordtoons as a combined learning tool with Beat Sketch would create multiple layers of  highly effective learning fun that would spark the curiosity and interest in the the most unmotivated of kids.

Maybe sitting down and writing notes is more effective and I’m just trying to justify buying a new toy? 🙂