Loose The Confusion…Turning Homophones into Wordtoons!


Another idea that can really help with the learning and spelling of new words are ‘homophone’ Wordtoons!

What exactly is a homophone?

Homophones are words pronounced the same as others but differing in meaning. Some homophones are spelled the same
and some are spelled differently so this is a great way to use a Wordtoon to establish the difference.

By turning the word into a cartoon that represents the words meaning it becomes more concrete and memorably distinct
from the the spelling of the other word/s.

I have started compiling a list of many homophones that are often confused and will eventually create a book full. Although
there is a lot of value in simply taking the idea to mind and then applying it in how ever you can regardless of any drawing ability or how the end product looks. Just going through the thought process and adding some drawing related to the word will create the memorable difference and should ensure you never mix the words up again.

If you see a child (or even mix some words up your self ) give it a try!