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Wordtoons Teachers: DVD

» Wordtoons Teachers: DVD

Wordtoons Teachers: DVD


Prefer to have a physical DVD? Then this is the pack for you. We will post you a DVD with 6 Wordtoons books and a lot more.
Perfect for teachers wanting to ignite imagination in your students and make learning fun.

This kit includes printouts and a DVD that goes through step-by-step teaching children how to draw.

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Product Description

The Teachers pack is sure to make classtime fun. With Step-by-Step slides that make it easy to become a ‘Wordtoonist”

This pack is a physical DVD that includes the following:

  1. 30 Wordtoons Video’s
  2. 30 Powerpoint slides
  3. 6 digital books – All our great titles each with a speciality.

  • Video