This Blog Is A Shark!

Have You Got A Shark In Your Fish Tank ?

Here is a photo of my overly elaborate white board, although it is just a piece of paper in an expensive heavy frame. Its hung on the wall when ever I hear an inspiring story or a quote I will draw a cartoon about it.

I leave it there until another story grabs my attention but this one has been up for ages.

Japanese people love fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for many years so fishing boats got bigger and went further out to sea. The boats had to go out so far that by the time they returned from the long trip the fish was not fresh.

The fishing companies put freezers on the boats freezing the fish as soon as they were caught.

Japanese people really like fish. they noticed the difference between fresh and frozen fish.

The fishing companies installed fish tanks.

Japanese people really like fish, they noticed the difference between fresh fish and fish in tanks.

When they caught the fish they would stuff them into the tanks fin to fin. The fish would thrash around for a while but then get tired and bored and just give up and lay still…loosing the yummy fresh taste.

Japanese people love fish so loosing the fresh fish taste was quite a crisis.

How did they solve the problem?….Sharks!

They put sharks in the tanks and fish stayed lively ( I’m guessing the sharks ate a few ) and more importantly the Japanese people gave the shark tanked fish the thumbs up!

You have  to have sharks ( challenges ) in life to feel alive and stay fresh. So this blog is going to be a shark for Wordtoons.