How to draw a perfect star?

I remember when i was about 12 and my favourite uncle became obssed with drawing a star. He was trying work out a perfect method to draw the 5 point star. I was baffled why he was interested in it and still have no idea as I never asked and he has since passed away.

Today I remembered about this idea of drawing a star and as I am quite good at drawing free hand stars ( after LOTS of practice ) I looked up if there are any methods on you tube.
There is a bunch of videos with differnt methods but usually some kind of gimmick way like turning the paper or using equipment.

What I wanted to work out is a few easy rules that anyone can follow to quickly draw a cool and snappy looking star. Not a perfect one.

The image below is what I came up with…

There are some more rules I could add to it but would like to see how people get on with just this so far.
Let me know if it works for you.