Yo Miss…can I have an extension?

This is my ‘notes’ from a Language Teaching 300 lecture recently. The lecture was about Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). The lecturer was explaining the idea of ‘pragmatic competence’ and gave a great example to illustrate the concept. She told us how a student emailed her asking for an extension on an assignment and the email began with ” Yo Miss..whats up!..hey I need an extension…”, This totally cracked me up and as you may well guess this is not ideal ‘pragmatic competence’ given the formal setting of Univiersty.

This is how I take notes at Uni, mind map doodle cartoons. Sometimes I will do my best to record the lectures key points, others I record my ideas and impressions of whats being presented but sometimes I will doodle something that comes to mind, either a related idea or even my own spin on the concept. Usually if there is an interesting story told.

I believe this way if note taking works well because I have to actually process the information and restated my understanding of the concepts rather than simply record or transcribe the lecture.